Why Build With Alexander Homes!

At Alexander Homes, we are passionate about energy smart homes, and going above and beyond the current industry standard when it comes to energy efficiency and affordable contemporary design.

Site Design

Site Design

Thoughtful design will orient your building and size and place windows to welcome the sun. which is so important in our climate. Each building site is carefully assessed, creating a plan that optimizes natural advantages of each lot.


Foundation Insulation

It is standard in new construction to insulate the inside of the foundation walls. We take it a step further by using Rtec foam board insulation on the exterior of the block wall foundation (together with metal flashing to prevent UV degradation). This proven technique saves energy by lessening the transfer of heat from wood-to-cement -to-ground.

Superior Ceiling Insulation

In addition to traditional bat insulation, we use locally produced blown-in cellulous insulation This creates more complete coverage and also tends to pack better into tight spaces and crevices, such as around electrical boxes. As a result, the R-value of the insulation in the ceiling in our homes is R-60,compared to the MOA standard of R-38 and the R-value of the walls in our homes is R-21.

Exterior Rim Joists Insulation

Exterior rim joists, which are notorious for being cold spots, are insulated with spray foam, which prevents major air infiltration typical for rim joist area.

Moisture Control

On Demand Water Heating Systems

Space and energy saving On Demand water heating systems are used in most of our homes.

Energy Efficient Windows

Low E/Argon high-performance insulated glass window package. Triple and double pane windows are installed throughout to prevent heat loss and to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient

HRV and ERV Systems

HRV ( Heat Recovery Ventilator ) or ERV ( Energy Recovery Ventilator) systems are a standard installation in every home we build.

Moisture Control

Moisture control in the crawlspace is very important in our Alaskan climate. A majority of new construction homes have a few vents cut into the foundation wall. This works, if the homeowner takes the time to open them in the spring, and then close them in the winter. We install a moisture control system that uses a single vent, with an electric fan, controlled by a moisture level detection meter.